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SWAYAM MOOCs platform is World’s Largest Online Free E-Learning Platform Portal designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz., Access, Equity and Quality by covering School/Vocational, Under-Graduate, Post Graduate, Engineering and Other Professional Courses.

About the Cell

  • SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) MOOC Platform was developed indigenously by AICTE in 2016 to facilitate hosting of online courses which could be accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time free of cost to achieve three cardinal principles of Education Policy viz. access, equity and quality. SWAYAM as one of the World’s biggest Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) integrated platform of free online courses, cover subjects from high school onwards till higher education including Skill based courses to ensure that every student benefit from learning material through ICT.
  • The courses hosted on SWAYAM are in 4 quadrants – (1) video lectures, (2)specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed (3) self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes and (4) an online discussion forum for clearing the doubts. Steps have been taken to enrich the learning experience by using audio-video and multimedia and state of the art pedagogy/ technology.
  • AICTE-SWAYAM Team is providing Help Desk support to SWAYAM Platform through email and telephone for handling queries from end users and service requests.
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Roles & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for development and design of SWAYAM (Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds) Platform for hosting Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in terms of MHRD’s OM No.8-26/2014-TEL (Pt).), dated 21st March, 2016 through blending academics with technology.
  • Responsible to develop SWAYAM Platform to harness multi party involvement in education by blending expertise from multiple domains and making effective use of state of the art pedagogy/technology; audio-video & multimedia.
  • Responsible for procurement of the required resources for continuous operationalisation and smooth functioning of the SWAYAM Platform.
  • Responsible to enable a transformative change in India’s educational outcomes by extending the requisite reach and access to quality education at competitive economies of scale.
  • Responsible to offer maximum number of online courses catering to the needs of students from Class IX up to Post Graduate levels, free of cost to learners, except for a small fee to be charged for certification on successful completion of the Course.
  • Responsible to achieve the vision of hosting 10,000 online Courses for 30 million learners/students.
  • Responsible through PIs and National Coordinators for creation of e-contents on Courses from School Secondary level till Post Graduation, covering all disciplines, to be made available on the SWAYAM Platform.
  • Responsible for creating online courses/inter-disciplinary Courses for SWAYAM Platform for self-paced learning in various areas, like, Yoga, GST, Economic Survey, Skill Development, Panchayati Raj, etc. from different Government Departments/Ministries/Autonomous Bodies/Institutions in India through inviting Expression of Interest (EOI) as per SWAYAM MOOCs Guidelines.
  • Responsible for Curriculum bases Courses in new disciplines for SWAYAM (medicine, law, humanities and social sciences, agriculture, commerce, management, inter-disciplinary areas);
  • Making Students employable in the Industry or pursue a suitable higher education programm.
  • There has been a major paradigm shift in higher education in the recent years, from developing cognitive and non-cognitive skills within the confines of a classroom to technology based online learning, which is a flexible anyone, anytime, anywhere Platform with the advent of MOOCs. SWAYAM being the India Chapter on MOOC is rightly poised at this juncture to bring transformative changes in educational outcomes by extending reach and access to quality education at economical costs.
  • SWAYAM has an educational as well as a technology aspect. It has been instrumental in bringing an amalgamation of educational and technology partners under one umbrella at a pan-India level. It is a big step towards accumulating knowledge and democratization of education.

Core Team

Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishnan
Dr. M.S Ghuge
Assistant Director
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