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Margdarshak Cell

About the Cell

Roles & Responsibilities


  • As per this Scheme, Mentors (Margadarshaks) are identifies for institutions which are yet to get NBA accreditation. The ‘Margadarshaks’ may be serving or superannuated having knowledge of the process of accreditation to make required visits to guide the Institutions for accreditation. Council is making payment of Traveling Allowance (as per actual) and Honorarium of Rs.5000/- per day to these Margdarshaks.


  • As per this Scheme, AICTE approved Institutes are identified as a Mentor Institutes (MI) with an existing facility to serve as the hub to guide and disperse knowledge to and between around 10 Technical Institutions (within 200 kms) as spokes. The Council is releasing limited funds amounting to Rs.50 lakhs to these institutes (Rs.5 lakhs per Institute). The duration of the project is 3 years.

Core Team

Lt. Col. Kailash Bansal
R.P Singh
Assistant Director
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