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Implementation of Hindi in day to day activities of the organization and enhancing Hindi skill sets of the employees.

About the Cell

Hindi Cell deals with effective implementation of Hindi in day to day activities of the organization apart from encouraging employees to enhance their Hindi skills in their official activities.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • To ensure proper compliance of the provisions of the Official Language Act, 1963, Official Language Rules, 1976 and Official Language Orders/directions issued by Department of Official Language, Govt of India from time to time, in the AICTE.
  • To acquaint officers and staff of AICTE with the Official Language Act, Rules and other important orders relating to the Implementation of Official Language and to assist and help them in the implementation of the same.
  • To organise ‘Hindi Karyashala’ on regular intervals, and to organise ‘Hindi Pakhwada’ for all Officials of AICTE.
  • To conduct inspection in various Bureaus and Regional Offices on the progressive use of Official Language.
  • To organise meetings of Official Language Implementation Committee of the AICTE.
  • To prepare action plans in accordance with the Annual Programme for implementation of Official Language and to achieve the targets in implementation of Official Language.
  • Translation work from English to Hindi and vice-versa of the official documents under Section 3(3) of Official Language Act, 1963 viz. various letters, office orders, training material, annual reports, advertisements, tenders, contract, Gazette notifications (which is notify under Section 23 of AICTE Act, 1987), etc. and technical terminology used in various Bureaus of AICTE.
  • To conduct “Takniki Pathya Pustak Puraskar Yojana’ of AICTE wherein AICTE awards the National Level prizes to Authors and Translators for writing/translating the Technical Textbooks in Hindi.

Core Team

Smt Gujju Manushree
Smt. Reena Sharma
Hindi Officer
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