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Prof. R.Hariharan
Adviser –II

Prof. R. Hariharan, presently serving as Advisor-II in the Policy and Academic Planning Bureau. Prior to this, he remained as Projects Coordinator, in Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi for about 18.2 years (since 8 th May 2000 to 6 July 2017).

He started his academic career as a Lecturer in a Private Engineering College in Chennai (1985 to 2000). He has 15 years of teaching experience and 18 years of professional experience. His current interest is in the area of Supercritical Extraction, Environment Pollution, Computer Based Training and Instructional Design using Web Technology.   He is currently working in the field of Instructional Design using Web Based Networks. He was a Member of the Board/Committee in some Universities/Autonomous bodies and in Government Departments.  He has published more than 75 research papers in National and International Journals & Conferences, published 36 books and prepared 09 Reports.  He is the editor of three Journals and a Newsletter.   He has visited around 30 countries including USA, U.K, Argentina, China, Germany, France, Italy, Singapore, etc. He is a life member/fellow in about fifteen registered professional societies and also an Amateur Radio Operator with the call sign VU2LZZ.

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