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Sh Ravinder Singh

He has been associated with drafting norms and standards, procedures, rules and regulations for implementing the mandate given in the AICTE Act. He worked with All India Boards of Studies and various other committees constituted for formulating policies for planning, promotion and regulation of technical education in the country for last 25 years, which include;

  • Norms and standards for Engineering &Technology, Pharmacy, Architecture etc. programmes conducted by the technical institutions
  • Norms and guidelines for the Accreditation of technical education programs for the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) under AICTE
  • Constitution of Statutory Bodies, Boards of Studies, Regional Committees under AICTE Act.
  • Notification of Rules and Regulations for implementation of provisions contained in AICTE Act.
  • Framing of Regulations and Process hand books for grant of approval of technical institutions from time to time.
  • Framing of Schemes for funding Research and Development in technical institutions in the Country.

He also worked in Administration and Finance for number of years and setup administrative and financial procedures for sooth and effective functioning of AICTE, which include;

  • Drafting and notification of Recruitment Rules for appointment of staff and officers based on SIU conducted by Ministry of Finance Govt. of India.
  • Establishing accounting procedures and processes for financial transitions through e-governance.

He also worked in the Legal Cell and coordinated with Legal Counsels and Courts of Law for number of years.

He possesses a Doctorate Degree in Bio-Technology and did his Post Graduation from Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) New Delhi.

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